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  • Galvao Klibs Foto2Dr. Klibs Galvâo
    Florida University

    Dr. Galvao Klibs

    Dr. Galvão completed a Residency in Dairy Production Medicine and a Masters in Preventive Veterinary Medicine at UC-Davis, then completed a PhD in Reproductive Physiology with a minor in Immunology at Cornell University, then he worked at The Ohio State University as a Clinical Assistant Professor, before taking a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Food Animal Reproduction and Medicine at University of Florida. He is now an Associate Professor at University of Florida. His workload is divided into research, clinical service, and teaching related to dairy cow reproduction. His research is focused on uterine immunology and microbiology, development of therapeutics for prevention and treatment of uterine disease, and development of herd simulation models to estimate profitability of different reproductive and treatment protocols used in dairy farms.

  • Chase mug 1 17Dr. Christopher Chase

  • RenaudDr. Dave Renaud

  • 2022.07 photo BVDr. Bernard Vallat


  • nofotoDr. Beat Berchtold
  • o picture2Dr. Lies Beekhuis
    Veterinary practitioner who works for Priory Vets in Cardigan, Wales, United Kingdom.

    Lies Beekhuis DVM MRCVS Dip. ECBHM

    RCVS Specialist in Cattle Health and Production
    Lies is a Dutch veterinary practitioner who works in West Wales.

    She graduated from Utrecht University in 2006. After an internship at The Royal Veterinary College in London she did a residency in Bovine Health Management at University College Dublin. This was successfully completed in 2010. In 2011 she passed the European specialist exam for Bovine Health Management.  During her residency Lies carried out applied research into the use of HACCP in mastitis control.

    Lies’ has worked for the Royal Veterinary College as a final year lecturer and in the last eight years in private practice. She does clinical work and herd health. Her main interest is herd health with a focus on fertility and mastitis.

    In her private life Lies enjoys spending time with her partner who is a dairy farmer.
  • Camuset Philippe FotoDr. Philippe Camuset 
    European College of Bovine Health Management

    Philippe Camuset

    Vet practitioner in Normandy (North West of France) since 1984, I’m now 59 years old. My activity is equally divided between pets and bovine herds, just a little equine and ovine. My practice gathers thirteen vets and fifteen assistants on two locations.

    I am particularly interested by and invested in bovine parasitology ; since 1987, I integrated the Parasitology specialists group of SNGTV (National Society of Technic Veterinary Groups) whose I’ve been the president between 2009 and 2018.
    SNGTV is the technical authority who represents French practitioners working in animal productions. It has two thousands members and I have been its treasurer for six years and its annual congress scientific president for eight years.

    I am also member of the European College of Bovine Health Management (ECBHM) since 2005 by de facto recognition. That means I didn’t need to pass an exam but I was accepted thanks to my publications, my bovine parasitology expertise and my experience as vet practitioner.

    In my practice, since 2008, I’m following up each year around 40 to 50 bovine herds for sustainable management of parasitism, taking into account the environmental impact of anthelmintics and applying the principle “as low as reasonably achievable”. I forward my experience to my French colleagues for one day sessions managed by SNGTV.

  • SimonFPeekDr. Simon Peek
    Wisconsin University

  • Geof SmithDr. Geof Smith
    North Carolina State University


  • AmeliaWoolums photoDr. Amelia Woolums


  • GarciaGuerraDr. Álvaro García Guerra
    The Ohio State University


  • AntonioNataleDr. Antonio Natale

    "BuBoVet" srl. (Ita)



    Antonio Natale


    Dr. Antonio Natale is a freelancer, he graduated in Veterinary Medicine (1995) at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Federico II University of Naples with specialization in Pathophysiology of Animal Reproduction (1998) and in Infectious Diseases, prophylaxis and veterinary police (2007) at the University of Naples Federico II.

    He is president of the BuBovet srl association, a group of veterinarians and agronomists who offer advice on reproductive management, development of productive and reproductive company data, and management of weed crops to its customers. In "BuBoVet srl" an Academy of Buiatrics is active for the training of young Buiatri Veterinarians

  • JuanPabloGutierrezDr. Juan Pablo Gutierrez
    Madrid University


    Full Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) with 32 years of experience in Animal Breeding and Genetics. Graded as Veterinarian in 1987 and as university specialist in animal breeding both by the UCM in 1989, and Computer Engineering Management by the University of Education at Distance in 2004. From the doctorate in 1991 with obtaining the extraordinary award, extensive activity in research, teaching, development cooperation and transfer. Teacher in a variety of core subjects of undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate and master's degree, in four Spanish universities and four foreign universities, with main dedication in the UCM in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, mainly in Animal Genetic Improvement, having been Coordinator and Director of the Interuniversity Master (The UCM with the Polytechnic University of Madrid) in Animal Production and Health in its first four editions. Author of a total of 202 scientific publications of which 100 were in JCR journals (Journal Citation Reports). Participant in 72 projects, 24 of them funded in competitive calls, being the principal investigator of 11 of them, and being responsible for 21 research contracts and participating in other 27. Member of the editorial board of two JCR journals "Small Ruminant Research" and "Animals". Among the research lines emphasis in genetics of South American Camelids, but also in the genetics of the variability and the development of software (Endog and Molkin, of wide international use) and methodological tools for the handling of populations under genetic conservation. Responsible for the management of various genetic improvement programs. With respect to the scope of the talk, since 2006, responsible for the management of the genetic improvement program of the Pacomarca experimental farm, author of 15 publications in journals of the JCR catalog, along with 8 others in journals with objective quality indications, 8 conferences by invitation in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, France, Italy and the United States, 11 conferences, 13 courses, 3 contracts, 15 communications to meetings, supervision of 2 master's theses and 1 doctoral thesis, having been the organizer of the "5th European Symposium on South American Camelids and First European Meeting on Fiber Animals ". Today vicepresident of the AFWG of the EAAP.

  • BaruselliPietroDr. Pietro Baruselli
    University of São Paulo
  • Foto74833Ms. Carola Fischer-Tenhagen
    Clinic of animal reproduction, FU Berlin
  • o picture2Dr. Otto Szenci
    University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest (Hungary)

    Dr. Ottó Szenci

    Ottó Szenci received a veterinary degree from the University of Veterinary Science Budapest in Hungary in 1972 and started to work at the Department and Clinic of Obstetrics and Reproduction just after graduation. The topics of his PhD and DSc were “Role of acid-base disturbances in perinatal mortality of calves” and “Diagnosis of early pregnancy and embryonic mortality in the cow and sow”, respectively. He is a diplomate of the European College of Bovine Health Management. Presently he is a professor emeritus at the Department of Obstetrics and Food Animal Medicine Clinic in Budapest. His primary clinical and research interests focus on bovine periparturient period and early fertility problems.

  • John Mee2Dr. John F. Mee
    Principal Veterinary Research Scientist at the National Dairy Research Centre (Moorepark Research Centre), Ireland.

    Dr. John F. Mee



    Principal Veterinary Research Scientist at the National Dairy Research Centre (Moorepark Research Centre), Ireland.

    John’s research interests include the epidemiology and causes of abortion, calving management, calf mortality and youngstock health. He has published and lectured extensively in these fields and is a founding member of the Irish National Calf Care Committee (AHI).

    He currently co-supervises five PhD students working on perinatal mortality, calf and heifer health/biosecurity, calf respiratory disease, tick-borne diseases and paratuberculosis in Ireland. Dr. Mee also collaborates on research projects with colleagues in Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Scotland and Switzerland. John is also a lecturer/module leader on eight under/postgraduate veterinary/agriculture courses in Ireland and the UK.

    He is a National (VCI) & European (ECBHM) board-accredited registered veterinary specialist with 35 years’ experience in private & public veterinary practice and in animal health/welfare and theriogenology research in Ireland, Australia and in New Zealand.

    Dr. Mee has delivered award-winning lectures/workshops/wetlabs by invite in over 25 countries worldwide, including numerous plenary lectures at world buiatrics and world veterinary congresses.

    He is an Editorial Board member of five journals including Animal Reproduction Science, Reproduction in Domestic Animals and is Deputy Editor of the Irish Veterinary Journal. He has been invited to referee for over 60 international bioscience journals. John is also Co-Editor of the book Farm Health and Productivity Management of Dairy Young Stock. His research has been published in over 100 peer-review papers and also in numerous invited textbook chapters, reviews, conference proceedings, etc...

    However, John enjoys running, surfing and golfing more than work!

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • nofotoDr.Valentín Pérez
  • Fiona M LovattDr. Fiona Lovatt
    Nottingham University
  • Delia LacastaDelia Lacasta
    Zaragoza University


  • Paul frckeDr. Paul M. Fricke
    University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • nofotoDr. José Eduardo Santos
    Florida University
  • Aurora VillaroelDra. Aurora Villarroel
    Athyr Vet, LLC


  • OhnstadIanIan Ohnstad
    The Dairy Group (UK)
  • ErskineDr. Ronald Erskine
    Michigan University
  • Aurora VillaroelDra. Aurora Villarroel
    Athyr Vet, LLC


  • nofotoDr. Ricardo Chebel
    Florida University
  • Courtney HallbackCourtney Halbach
    Wisconsin University


  • GeorgiosOikonomouDr. Georgios Oikonomou
    Liverpool University
  • JanShearerDr.  Jan Shearer
    University of Florida


  • FranciscoPenagaricanoFrancisco Peñagaricano
    University of Wisconsin-Madison 
  • devries sharp2 Dr. Albert de Vries
    Florida University


  • CarlosRiscoDr. Carlos Risco
    Oklahoma University
  • AbueloAngelDr. Ángel Abuelo
    Michigan University
  • Bild Baumgartner 2002Dr. Walter Baumgartner


  • Fernando DíazDr. Adlai Schuler
    Marshall Ridge Farms (Iowa)

    Dr. Adlai Schuler

    Dr. Adlai Schuler is a practicing veterinarian and dairy manager for a large commercial dairy located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Adlai received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Northern Michigan University in 2011. Immediately following graduation, he began graduate studies in dairy cattle nutrition at South Dakota State University, primarily focusing on protein metabolism. After completing his masters degree in dairy nutrition, Adlai studied veterinary medicine at Iowa State University in Ames, IA graduating in 2017. Growing up as the son of a dairy veterinarian, Adlai has always had a passion to serve the farmer and their cows. This passion has ultimately led to a professional career as a staff veterinarian and manager for large, multisite herds in a variety of climates and varying milk markets. In his role, he lives in the trenches; setting up, implementing, and developing protocols to help make herds successful through their people. In his free time, Adlai and his wife enjoy caring for their foster kids, fishing, and fixing up their country home.

  • Fernando DíazDr. Fernando Díaz Royón
    Dellait – Animal Nutrition & Health


  • nofotoDr. Joseba Garrido
    NEIKER- Bizkaia Science and Technology Park
  • MARÍA GUELBENZUDr. María Guelbenzu
    Animal Health Ireland


  • Trevor De VriesDr. Trevor de Vries
    Guelph University
  • XAVIER MANTECADr. Xavier Manteca
    Barcelona University


  • RYAN LAWDr. Ryan Law

  • CALVIN BOOKERDr. Calvin Booker
    Feedlot Health Management Services, Ltd. Canada


  • CollotonJillDr. Jill Colloton
    Bovine Services – Wisconsin
  • GnemmiGiovanniDr. Giovanni Gnemmi
    BOVINEVET – Italy

  • Sebastien BuczinskiDr. Sebastien Buczinski
    Montreal University


  • CAPPER JUDE FOTO2Dr. Jude Capper
    Livestock Sustainability Consultancy, Harwell, Oxfordshire

    Jude Capper, PhD ARAgS

    Jude L. Capper is an independent Livestock Sustainability Consultant based in Oxfordshire. Jude's research focuses on modeling the sustainability of livestock production systems, specifically dairy and beef. She is also working on projects relating to medicines use on UK beef farms and the impacts of livestock health and welfare on system sustainability. Jude’s professional goal is to communicate factors affecting livestock industry sustainability to enhance the knowledge and understanding of food production stakeholders. She has an active social media presence and spends a considerable amount of time de-bunking some of the more commonly-heard myths relating to livestock production. To this end, she was awarded the Women in Dairy “Dairy Industry Woman of the Year 2017” and the Farmers Guardian “Farming Hero of the Year 2018” awards, and Associate Membership of the Royal Agricultural Society was conferred upon her in 2018.

  • Frank MitloehnerDr. Frank M. Mitloehner
    Davis University


  • NicholsSylvainSylvain Nichols
    Montreal University

  • nofotoAndré Desrochers
    Montreal University
  • DeboraDr. Débora Santschi

  • Rsmiro fotoDr. Ramiro Antonio Fouz


  • GabrielBOGabriel Bo
    IRAC, Argentina

  • BaruselliPietroDr. Pietro Baruselli
    University of São Paulo


  • Rodriguez gomez godDr. Juan Miguel Rodríguez

    Catedrático del departamento de Nutrición y Ciencia de los Alimentos de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Director del grupo de investigación de excelencia "Microbiota perinatal". Miembro del Área de Nutrición y Ciencia de los Alimentos de la Agencia Estatal de Investigación. Miembro de la junta directiva de la Sociedad Española de Microbiota, Prebióticos y Prebióticos
  • Head Shot 2Keith DeDonder
    Latham BioPharm Group
  • Chase mug 1 17Dr. Christopher Chase


  • Ynte SchukkenDr. Ynte Schukken
    Waggeningen University
  • nofotoRuth Zadoks
    Sydney University
  • ALFONSO LAGOAlfonso Lago
    Dairy Experts Canadá


  • RosadelCampo godDr.Rosa del Campo

    CURRICULUM VITAE Rosa del Campo Moreno


    1994                Licenciada en Medicina y Cirugía por la Universidad de Zaragoza.

    1995 – 1998    Beca Predoctoral de la Diputación General de Aragón.

    1998                Doctor en Medicina y Cirugía. Universidad de Zaragoza.

    1999 - 2005    Beca Postdoctoral de la Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid.

    2004 - 2005    Contrato Postdoctoral en el Servicio de Microbiología, Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid.

    2006-2011      Investigador Miguel Servet ISCIII-FIS

    2012-hasta la fecha  Investigador estabilizado en el Instituto Ramón y Cajal de Investigaciones Biomédicas.

    Publicaciones: 112 publicaciones en revistas internacionales de primer cuartil.

    Comunicaciones a congresos nacionales e internacionales: Más de 350 comunicaciones a congresos de las sociedades SEM, SEIMC, SEQ, ECCMID, ICAAC.

    Ponencias orales y participación en cursos de formación nacionales e internacionales.

    Dirección de 12 tesis doctorales finalizadas y 5 en activo.

    Participación en proyectos de investigación públicos y privados, nacionales e internacionales (5 europeos FPVII programa Marco)

    Líneas de investigación:

    • Probióticos y Microbiota Intestinal
    • Trasferencia de Materia Fecal
    • Resistencia a los Antimicrobianos

    Presidenta del Grupo Especializado para el Estudio de la Microbiota Humana de la Sociedad Española de Enfermedades Infecciosas y Microbiología Clínica (SEIMC-GEMBIOTA)

    Tesorera del Grupo de Alimentos de la Sociedad Española de Microbiología.

    Miembro activo de la SEM, SEIMC, SEQ, y ESCMID.

  • Edward R AtwillDr. Rob Atwill
    Davis University


  • DaleGrotelueschenDr. Dale Grotelueschen

  • AlessandraTorinaDr.Alessandra Torina

  • LuisMiguelOrtega nDr. Luís Miguel Ortega
    Madrid University
  • PETER CLAUSENDr. Peter H. Clausen
    Berlin University

  • JohnGrovesDr. John Groves

  • billDr. Bill Prokop

  • Vander Ley Portrait Small File SizeDr. Brian Vander Ley


  • Jack britt fotoJack Britt



    Jack Britt


    Dr. Jack Britt has served as professor and administrative leader for three major universities in the USA. He also served on the Board of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His primary expertise is in reproductive physiology and he has worked with eight different species of mammals and birds. He currently leads an international team that has focused on dairy farming 50 years in the future. He is an author of over 600 articles in scientific journals and professional publications. He has worked in 22 countries and made presentations at 116 national or international conferences.

  • Fernando Savater

  • Escribano godAntonio Escribano

  • JuanLubroth godJuan Lubroth

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